Thursday, March 27, 2008

TV Families

Has anyone ever noticed that tv families are strange? Either they fight all of the time about everything or they are just weird. For example, it seems like every couple on tv has an unlimited supply of energy for steamy sex. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like it as much as the next woman but really. I'm exhausted by 9:00! (No, make that 7:30) Chuck and I are happy but we are not the Cosby family dancing into the bedroom every night.

And have you ever really paid attention to the kids on tv? Little Johhny and Susie are perfect. If a visitor comes to see dad, Johnny politely says hello (Susie is MIA) and then goes to do an art project with mom while dad has a conference. My "Johnny" refuses to leave when visitors are around because he smells a fresh audience. "Susie" is terrified of strange faces. She's immediately shrieking and climbing on top of my head.

Something just doesn't add up here. Am I alone in this?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Cleaning My Nest

It has recently come to my attention that my spiritual "nest" needs some housecleaning. Mama and I were discussing, several weeks back, how some things in your "nest" can crowd out others. For example, when I hold onto unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, hurt, mustrust, whatever - the list could go on and on - my nest gets crowded. Where's the room for happiness, thankfulness, joy and all of the other cool stuff?

And it's interesting to me that my nest shrinks when I get junk in it but seems to expand when its filled to the brim with good stuff. When I am holding onto the past hurts or whatever it seems like I can't get happy. Everything is dim and gloomy and not as it should be. But when I focus on the good and the positive things that God is doing, I am unable to capture with words all of the blessings in my life! And it is mostly a matter of perspective.

So, my Faithful Father has brought to my mind a few things that I need to let go of. Surprisingly, things I thought I had already let go but apparantly not. I'm willing because I can always use more good and perfect gifts in my nest. And we know that every good and perfect gift comes from our Father above.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quiet Nights

All is quiet at my house. David and his daddy are snuggled on the couch watching The Sound of Music, Rae is sleeping peacefully, and I am looking around at all of the things that need doing and am ignoring them.

I had a rough week. I either had food poisoning thanks to some iffy mushrooms, or I had one of the worst stomach bugs known to man. Either way, it was really a nightmare. I am much better but today I napped when the kids did and I slept like someone who has been forced to stay awake for 48 hours. I was so unbelievably tired.

I did the bare minimum in my house today and it shows. I have family coming in this weekend and the house may or may not reflect that by tomorrow evening when they arrive. I will have to see how my energy holds out...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Movie

We took David to his first "big movie" this weekend. We saw Horton Hears A Who and it was so fun. David did great (but we did have to slip him a passy to keep him relatively quiet for 2 hours) and he got lots of time alone with Mama and Daddy.

If I was a better mother I would have pictures or video to commemorate the event. But I don't.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Button Button Who's Got The Button?

I am a woman with a lot of buttons. I have a "Don't make me angry" button. I also have a "You're on my last nerve" button. But perhaps most unfortunately I have a "Gripping fear" button. And it got pushed this weekend.

As some background, I am a transformed fearful person. I can remember living with paralyzing fear over a variety of issues ever since I was a little girl. Now, due to my Father's saving grace and transforming power, I rarely feel that fear any more. At least not in such great measure. Except when it comes to my children and husband. Okay, mostly my children.

So this weekend a relative pushed my fear button. Not intending harm, she made a few thoughtless comments about my family, which in turn pushed my most dreaded of buttons. I was a little angry, but mostly afraid. Afraid that what she said was true and that it was a fact. Afraid, almost, that it was our destiny, I guess, as if the power of Christ is not greater than a few thoughtless words.

Oh me of little faith and love. The Bible tells us that perfect love casts out all fear and he who is afraid has not allowed himself to be perfected in love. That's me. I have obviously not allowed myself enough time at my Father's feet absorbing his powerful love and truth for the lives of my family. AND our word at church last night was so powerful for me. What a well timed truth for my heart.

I have power in my words and - thank you Mrs. Janice - I am the authority over my children and I reject and rebuke any "curse" that was handed to us. So here goes, I will try it out.

World Wide Web hear me - I am not afraid! My family will thrive. My children will grow healthy, physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. Mine and Chuck's parenting skills are enough. We will pass on a heritage of faith and love for the Lord and our children will receive a deep understanding of how great the Father's love for them is. They will be like trees planted by the rivers of water and will flourish even when times are hard. And I am not afraid.

So take that satan. And I'm thinking about sewing on a new button. I think I will get a "You've really pissed me off now, enemy, and I'm going to fight you tooth and nail" button.

I'll keep you updated on how my button is developing.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Whiny Brat Moment

I had a whiny brat moment today. I could blame it on a few different reasons, tiredness, hormones, et cetera, et cetera but really the truth is I just acted ugly.

I hate it when I do that. I end up feeling like a two year old. It all stemmed from expectations that I had that were not met exactly the way I had envisioned. Sigh...When will I learn? It makes me really frustrated.

And then I am reminded that every moment is a new one.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No More Passy

Well, we did it. We cut off the ole pacifier addiction. And I can assure you, it was an addiction. David has loved a passy from day one. He would always suck on one to calm himself and it ocurred to me when we took it away yesterday that this could be a little bit traumatic. I mean, he's had one his whole life. He's never gone without. Too sad.

He's done really well, though. A few tears and a little whining but not too bad. He has told me that he "needs one" a few times but other than that not too much protesting. I guess it was just time. Timing is everything, isn't it? When they are ready, the next step is a walk in the park. When they aren't, prepare for the battle.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Why do we eat our on poop?

A few days ago I had the thought, "Rae hasn't ever taken her diaper off. Maybe she will skip the poop eating stage." Not so my friends. Yesterday I walked into her bedroom and found my sweet little princess p eating her own poop. That's right. She had doodoo all over her face, passy, bottle, hair, etc. She was coverered in it and having a great time. I walked in, looked at her, and she pointed to the pile of crap in her bed and said, "What's that?"

I'm thinking she already knew since she had obviously tasted it. Disgusting. I was grossed out the first time David did that but nothing can prepare you for seeing your teensy weensy precious little girl covered in her own crap.