Friday, February 27, 2009

Secret Meetings

Some days I think my kids would have been great Minute Men or other key revolutionary figures in history. They have the most important thing: a strong desire to overthrow the ruling government.

Let me explain. This week has been......tough. Rae has had a runny tummy so she has been whiii-nee. Now let me tell you something - that child can whine. She throws back her head, exposes her throat, and lets it go. It's something to see for such a little girl. David has also not been 100% either. He hasn't been bright eyed at all. He has been, as my daddy would say, "weak eyed." (It's all about the eyes!) And, since he doesn't feel good, that has shown up in his behavior in a major way. Lots of whining and arguing. Even sweet Micah has been a little fussy this week!

This is what I imagine happens early in the morning before I get up.

David sneaks into Rae's room and loudly whispers, "Get up! It's time to plan." For the next 10 minutes or so they work on a scheme to drive me crazy. The scheme includes lots of whining, questioning authority, plenty of tantrums and some diarrhea never hurts. Then they quickly put this plan into action before mama and daddy can get out of bed. Hit em where it hurts. This continues for at least one week so Mama is ready to commit herself to the nearest place where one can be committed. Doesn't matter what kind of rehab it is - Mama needs it!

If you need me to spell it out for you I will - It's been a tough week. We need a touch from the Lord or there will be consequences.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Okay, for those of you who don't know this (and most of you do, I'm sure) I am not crafty.

Hello, my name is Kate, I can't do crafts.

It's sad I know. Now stop sneering! I can't help it. It's genetic and if you know my mother you know that's true too. I'm not disdainful of crafts at all. I think it's cool. I love scrapbooks but I do not scrapbook. Can't. No talent or patience for it all. I always envied Melissa in college because she is so freakin crafty. And I am not.

Glitter, yes I'm back to it. So, tomorrow night I am leading a Bible Study for some middle school girls. The Lord gave me some neat ideas and a topic and it has driven me to crafts. God helps us all. So, I was planning on doing something completely from scratch and in rides Martha Stewart on her white horse!

Aren't they cute? Cards with glitter butterflies! Except mine have nature things on them but sweet Martha packaged the glitter and the stickers and everything and I really didn't do much but am extremely proud of my crafts. Jeannie and Anna, check the cards out when the girls get home tomorrow night and sight with envy at my skill. Or Martha's. Whatever.

Friday, February 20, 2009

An Important Issue - Please Help!

Congress is set to vote on legislation effecting families with autism in early March. I've shared before how insurance companies are not forced to pay for therapies for autistic people. It's considered a "non-treatable" disease but that's not true! More and more families are having success treating and even reversing some aspects of autism.

Please click on this link below. It will take you to the Easter Seal website where it makes it so easy for you to contact your representatives and ask them to support this important legislation. Please help out. It won't take but a minute.

Thanks, Kate

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've done something the last few days that I really don't do - gardening. I know, most people do that kind of thing but I just never have. I don't like to be hot and I really don't know what I'm doing anyway. BUT I had a project that I wanted done in the yard and it was up to me. SO...I went to work. I had this one section of a flower bed where Veda had planted ground cover (read viney weed like things that take over) and I wanted to clear it out.

It wasn't a very large section but it took me almost two days to get it cleaned out. That stuff had taken over! The roots were much stronger than you would think for a little vine and it was totally wrapped around other plants like rose bushes and azaleas.

Anyway, it was tough to get that junk out and I noticed that the baby shoots were a lot easier to pluck up by the root than those that had grown. And, of course, it got me thinking about sin in my own life and bad behaviors in my children.

If we can get to sin while it is still in the thought stage, we can get it out fairly easily. We can usually get to the root of it without losing the health of our mind and lives. But we know how close thoughts and actions are so we have to get it quickly. I have found in my own life that the longer I choose to hold onto something the more frustrating it is to get rid of it.

Think of it with your children too. When they first start a behavior, if you catch it then you can usually head it off pretty quickly. But if you let it stay long you have just created a project for the next year! Saying, "No!" to Mama at first is so cute! They're independent and sassy. Fast forward to age 16. Not so cute anymore is it?

I had to get rid of one rose bush because it was really old and intertwined with that crazy ground cover stuff. I actually had to use those pruning cutters to cut the vine because it was so strong.

I think if I pull a few shoots of the stuff every day then I can keep it in check. I really don't want to allow my spirit to become so covered over with defiance, anger, lies, or anything else that major digging and cutting is required. Maintenance is the key. I must practice repentance and discipline (with my self and the kids) every day to stay healthy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things

I've been tagged by Facebook and e-mail and on blogs and I can't keep up! So I'm going to do my "random things" here.

1) I hate to feel trapped. I won't even let Chuck hold me too close or tightly. It makes me feel very nervous.

2) The older I get the less I like animals. It's weird. I used to really love dogs, cats, birds, etc. I'm over it now.

3) When I was a young girl, I would pray almost every day that I would be wise like Solomon. I always imagined God giving me a choice of riches or wisdom and, of course, I would pick wisdom in the scenario (and secretly hope for the riches too).

4) I hate it when people say, "I could care less." That doesn't make sense people! If you could care less than you then why even bother to make the statement. Think about it.

5) When my kids start using sayings that I use it scares me. (ex: David telling me, "I made a dog mess!")

6) I hate the flies and the mice out here in the country. Some days I think I would trade the beautiful scenery for fewer yucky things.

7) I love reading people's blogs about their children.

8) I love hearing about and "knowing" other people's children.

9) I'm not really all that maternal and therefore don't get the warm gushies for other people's children. Only my own and my nieces and nephews. Sorry. If that makes me bad I can't help it. I've accepted it.

10) I know that being a SAHM is the best thing that I can do for my kids.

11) Some days I would trade being a SAHM for a job that challenges me mentally and not just emotionally.

12) I don't like for anyone to kiss me except for Chuck and the kids. I have one person in my life who insists on kissing me every time they see me and it drives me crazy! It's gross.

13) I have the least amount of tolerance when I'm pregnant. Very little tolerance for anything.

14) I agree with Melissa. I don't want to talk about things over and over. Get over it already.

15) I love fantasy books. Eragon, Harry Potter, right up my alley.

16) I like to smell good like perfume.

17) I feel like the people whose blogs I read are really close to me when in reality some of them I barely know.

18) I cannot function when my kitchen is dirty. It's too much for me to handle.

19) I don't really care if the bathrooms are dirty or not.

20) Rae has little tiny feet like I do.

21) I want Rae to be beautiful and smart. One of my fears for her is that she will think being beautiful is an accomplishment and will stop there. Dumb girls drive me crazy.

22) I really admire women who choose to homeschool their kids. They are giving up so many years of their lives and what they want to do for themselves. Really selfless.

23) I don't plan to homeschool my kids.

24) I sometimes lay awake at night with theme songs from Disney Playhouse running through my head. It's irritating.

25)This took more work than I thought it would.

I would love to read other people's 25 random things but won't "tag" anyone. It's too much pressure!