Monday, June 8, 2009

Of Mice and Miracles

We have a mouse problem. This house is older and has lots of little mouse holes for them to come in. We get one hole fixed and another is discovered. So...we have mice. We did catch one this morning and it has now met its demise.

On to miracles. We are trying to cultivate a culture of miracles in our house. We are teaching the kids to ask for the things that they want from God. He is their Father. Why wouldn't he do cool things for them? Why not raise someone from the dead? Why not heal cancer? Why not save a sick baby's life? Let's ask!

So I just heard David talking to Jesus in the playroom, "Jesus, will you please do a miracle for the mouse?" So I say to David, "Baby, what are you asking for a miracle for?" "The mouse so he can live again!" Uh no. That is not what I had in mind when talking about miracles. Yick. Me no like mice.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Swimming Lessons

We started swimming lessons today, or I should say David did. We discovered yesterday that they were desperately needed and only in small town America can you call someone at home and say, "Help!" and be enrolled in lessons minutes later. It's a good thing.

He did well and is looking forward to tomorrow. His teacher said he screamed and would hate her come nightfall. So far that prophecy has not come true. We'll see.......

We signed a lease agreement with renters today for the house in town. It feels weird. For those of you who have lived in Athens I had flashbacks of Carriage House Realty. (or the Slum Lords as one neighbor used to call them) Let's hope that we do a little better job than they did.

Micah has a bleeding diaper rash. The pediatrician said to air it out. Yick. He had you know what all over him. And he screamed. He didn't stop screaming until he was clean. The baby likes to be clean.

That's what we are doing this week.