Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh Happy Days

Naked Booty fun on the slip and slide. Little brother was not going to be out done by big brother!

Look at that saggy diaper!

The slip and slide provided hours of birthday fun.

David had his friends come and they had a great time.

I don't know what this is about...

Worth and Charles at the birthday party. Such a cute picture.

Micah decided he was hungry one day and there was no need to wait on the parents.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pictures of the kids

Rae and Micah watching Baby Einstein. Micah wanted her baby so I gave him one of his own.

Micah playing Granny's organ. He's got his cute face on.

Marilyn and Micah. He loves Marilyn alot.

Micah and Rae playing sweetly. It doesn't happen a lot so I took a picture to remember it.

Santa and Skeleton. They were playing dress up in old Halloween costumes. Rae looks sort of like a gangster/rap kind of Santa. She will be so embarassed of this pic when she gets older.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Micah's first haircut

This is Rae with her "friend" at the beauty shop. She started talking to this lady (who was steadily ignoring her) and she announced to everyone that she was her new friend.

This is Micah with his babysitter Marilyn, pre-trim. Such a cute and happy baby!

Here he is with Kim. He did really great and was so sweet the entire time.

This is Micah and his cousin who is 6 months younger, pre-trim. They are so handsome in their matching shirts. They both were really sweet and only towards the end did Micah decide that he had had enough and he started to kind of melt out of the seat, slowly sliding toward the floor as if to say, "Finished!"

He is such a sweet little guy. Everyone should have a child like this. He is definately able to throw a fit when he needs to but it really doesn't happen very often at all. Such a sweetheart!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

So apparently it's been a while since I've blogged. Sorry. We have been doing well and making good memories.

We went to Disney in October and that was so fun. The cousins all did really well together and I was personally so proud of how my own children did. So grown up! It was really fun.

We had a really wonderful, laid back Thanksgiving and that was a treat. None of the usual Holiday exhaustion.

Now we are staring down Christmas and I can hardly believe it. We have shopped for the kids and for each other and I am excited that it is almost here. We are having cold weather (okay, not really if you live in Omaha) for us and we have had a fire. Love it!

I'll try to update again soon. For now...stay warm!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

With Much Appreciation

I feel compelled to offer a word of thanks to a few team members who do a lot around here.

These guys are really worker bees. They stay up later than anyone in the house and when I am so tired that my eyes are crossing...they are still hard at it. When all I can think about is the wallowed out space on my side of the bed they are washing clothes and dishes and that is why I am so grateful for my major appliances.

At 11pm when I am just finishing wiping off the table, my dishwasher picks up where I leave off and gets the job done. My washing machines goes night and day (or so it seems) and don't even get me started on my dryer!

It is moments like these when I am so grateful that I am me and not my great great grandmother washing my clothes by hand and heating my dishwater on the stove.

I just got out of the tub and as I type my dishwasher is scrubbing away and my washing machine is spinning like it was meant to do. I'm so grateful. So very very very grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Monthly Post

I guess I'm only going to be able to post monthly for a while? It seems like that's my new pattern anyway.

We are good here. David is doing so well in school. He is such a smartie and we are always impressed at how much he is learning. He is going on a 6 hour field trip today and thankfully I got out of this one! Whew. 6 hours is a long time to be with 40 pre-kers.

Rae looks to be coming out of her two year old stage. It's been a doozy. I see signs of my sweet little girl returning. Praise God. We weren't sure we were going to make it. This morning she told me (as I was threatening David with a spanking), "No, Mama, don't spank David! He's my best brother!" What a love she is.

Micah is the sweetest child around. For real. Everybody should have a baby like him. Unless he is working on teeth he is so pleasant. HE is pulling up and standing some without holding on. He can walk now by holding on to our fingers too.

I have three sweet sweet children.

Chuck just started harvesting peanuts, just finished corn, and we are probably looking at him going straight from peanuts into pecans. How does this translate? Work, work, work! 6 days a week kind of stinks because Sundays are the "get it done" day instead of resting but...what can you do?

I hear Micah talking in his room. Time for him to be up!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here At Hannah's

I know it has been forever but I've been swamped - what can I say?

I am here at Hannah's because tomorrow she is having her ultrasound! Yay! We are so hoping for a girl...

She is getting her hair cut right now and I am staying with the kids. Sadly, David had to stay behind in Camilla and he said, "But Mama! I have never got to go to Luke's house and I am so disappointed!" Well, he is a big boy now. School calls.

He really is loving school. He says he loves everything and his teacher and only says he misses watching cartoons at home. Rae likes being queen of the castle.

So, since we have been at Hannah's we have broken two jars of baby food, I have had to scrub the carpet amd tile twice and I just had to save Hannah's good china. Yikes. It could be a rough few days for Hannah's house. Hope it survives!