Sunday, March 14, 2010

Micah's first haircut

This is Rae with her "friend" at the beauty shop. She started talking to this lady (who was steadily ignoring her) and she announced to everyone that she was her new friend.

This is Micah with his babysitter Marilyn, pre-trim. Such a cute and happy baby!

Here he is with Kim. He did really great and was so sweet the entire time.

This is Micah and his cousin who is 6 months younger, pre-trim. They are so handsome in their matching shirts. They both were really sweet and only towards the end did Micah decide that he had had enough and he started to kind of melt out of the seat, slowly sliding toward the floor as if to say, "Finished!"

He is such a sweet little guy. Everyone should have a child like this. He is definately able to throw a fit when he needs to but it really doesn't happen very often at all. Such a sweetheart!

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