Thursday, October 8, 2009

With Much Appreciation

I feel compelled to offer a word of thanks to a few team members who do a lot around here.

These guys are really worker bees. They stay up later than anyone in the house and when I am so tired that my eyes are crossing...they are still hard at it. When all I can think about is the wallowed out space on my side of the bed they are washing clothes and dishes and that is why I am so grateful for my major appliances.

At 11pm when I am just finishing wiping off the table, my dishwasher picks up where I leave off and gets the job done. My washing machines goes night and day (or so it seems) and don't even get me started on my dryer!

It is moments like these when I am so grateful that I am me and not my great great grandmother washing my clothes by hand and heating my dishwater on the stove.

I just got out of the tub and as I type my dishwasher is scrubbing away and my washing machine is spinning like it was meant to do. I'm so grateful. So very very very grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.