Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here At Hannah's

I know it has been forever but I've been swamped - what can I say?

I am here at Hannah's because tomorrow she is having her ultrasound! Yay! We are so hoping for a girl...

She is getting her hair cut right now and I am staying with the kids. Sadly, David had to stay behind in Camilla and he said, "But Mama! I have never got to go to Luke's house and I am so disappointed!" Well, he is a big boy now. School calls.

He really is loving school. He says he loves everything and his teacher and only says he misses watching cartoons at home. Rae likes being queen of the castle.

So, since we have been at Hannah's we have broken two jars of baby food, I have had to scrub the carpet amd tile twice and I just had to save Hannah's good china. Yikes. It could be a rough few days for Hannah's house. Hope it survives!