Thursday, January 29, 2009


I think I have not been fair to Rae in this blog. I barely mention her but that's really because she is so easy to be around. She is such a love and parenting her is really not bad at all. Someone asked me about her being two and I assured them that, while we have our moments, she is very obedient and sweet natured.

One of her first words was "thank you" and she is very conscious about saying yes ma'am and please. She's almost too polite. If she says thank you and you don't quickly say you're welcome you get in trouble!

She loves her brothers and really doesn't do as well alone as she does with the boys. She likes to be entertained and being bossed around doesn't bother her at all. At the same time she is very independent and wants to "do my self mama."

She loves to have her hair put up in pig tails, wear dresses, and be all out prissy. She hates to be dirty and having a snotty nose is the worst of all!

I feel differently about my little girl than I do my boys. I don't love her more it's just different. I can't explain it and would never have believed it before I had her. She's such a blessing to our family. I pray that God will knit our hearts together in a special way as she grows.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Most of us know someone who has autism. The numbers on how prevalent this disease is are shocking. My sweet niece, Annalee, was recently diagnosed and her mother has been raising awareness within our family and the people that we know.

To help her out I am posting a link to the webiste for Autism Speaks, an organization that helps raise awareness and funding.

One of the problems that families with autism face is that Autism is not recognized by the State as a treatable disease therefore insurance companies are not required to cover therapies and various treatments. Behavioural therapy and other treatments are crucial for early intervention.

A bill will soon be coming up in 2009 before the Georgia General Assembly which would recognize this as a treatable disease which would force insurance companies to pay for treatment.

Please take a minute and go to to sign up for updates. They will e-mail you when the time is right for you to contact your representative.

It's worth the time it takes. It will make a difference to a little girl named Annalee who looks like my Mama did when she was her age.

Thank you!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I've Been Wondering

I've been wondering why Chuck has come home, taken off his work clothes, and immediately sprayed his clothes with stain treater the last few days. I mean, it's nice, but it's not normal. Then I opened the cabinet with my laundry supplies. Apparently my husband bought a gallon size bottle of shout with a 3 foot extendable trigger. That's right. He's been spraying his clothes because the trigger makes it fun and it makes him feel powerful.

I am wondering no more.