Sunday, December 21, 2008


The other day we were having a meal with Chuck's family and the food wasn't quite ready. Of course the kids were already sitting at the table and were hungry. So I said to David, "Let me give you guys an appetizer." Unfortunately I was cutting up an apple for them. Try explaining to a 3 year old the difference between appetizers and apple-tizers.

So now he asks for yogurt-tizers, snack-tizers, and all sorts of other things. Yesterday he woke up and got some cereal out of the cabinet. When we walked in he said, "I'm having a cereal-tizer!"

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Just an update on what all Micah is doing lately. He is such a sweet baby and is usually very content. He has started smiling and even trying to laugh a little bit. He "talks" some with coos and noises and the kids think it is hilarious! David and Rae love him so much and call him "my baby." He always seems happy to be in the middle of their chaos. It doesn't seem to bother him at all when they are loud and rowdy.

He has slept from 10p to 6a three nights in a row now! I'm thrilled. I love it and wonder how I managed when he was getting up multiple times during the night. He has decided that he loves his "lovey" from Aunt Raeanna and we often times find him scooted up next to his rabbit with its softest parts on his face and head.

He is very sensitive to what I eat. He's a little gassy so I try to be really careful. He can't tolerate cabbage, chocolate, much caffeine, or tomato based stuff. These I figured out the hard way! Mylicon is our friend.

I'm not sure how we ever lived without him. He's such a sweet heart. Every time I look at him I want to squeeze the life out of him because I filled so overwhelmed with love. (I know that really doesn't make sense but if you've ever felt that way then you know what I mean!)

I'm about to leave the house for a movie watching date with a friend of mine. I can't wait. I haven't gotten to do something like this since the summer so I'm really looking forward to it. Chuck's sister is coming to watch the kids. Thank the Lord for sisters!

Just wanted to update y'all on Micah. Have a good weekend!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Smiles and Spanish (AKA Oh, I am so tired)

We have been so busy lately and I'm not even sure what we've been doing! I've put off posting because I'm enbarassed by my lack of pictures. But screw it, I'm doing the best I can. So, here is an update:

Two weeks ago we were told that our house buyers backed out of our contract, Chuck pulled a muscle in his back (read: Mama has to take care of everything and is worn out), Chuck's sister got a bad report on her quad screen re Down Syndrome, and that was also when I had a clogged milk duct and felt like I had the flu. Milk ducts are now fine, nephew looks good with no abnormalities showing on the ultrasound, Chuck's back is a little better (at least the moaning and groaning has subsided somewhat), but still no buyer.

One week ago Chuck's family was here for Thanksgiving as well as all of mine minus my older sister Raeanna. We sort of alternated, seeing my family one day and Chuck's the next. The kids were totally worn as as well as having colds. Rae's cough has been so bad that it has made her throw up a few times. And let me tell you - she is such a girl! She starts screaming, "I spit up! I spit up!" and wants to be cleaned immediately. We did manage to get most of our Christmas shopping done and let me just say that I'm relieved.

This week I have been to see our Dr. twice - once for well baby and once for sick older kids. I feel like I've been seeing him a lot lately. He's so nice but he's such a man. Micah was fussy on Monday and he asked me (in his cute Indian accent), "Why is he crying? Is he hungry?" Good grief! If I fed him every time he fussed my nipples would fall off. Whatever.

Next week Chuck's 80 year old grandmother is having surgery (pelvic prolapse (ick, you don't even want to know what can happen when we get older!)) and then I am having some semi-permanent birth control two days later. I'm nervous about the first and thrilled about the second!

OH! Smiles and Spanish! Micah has started smiling. He looks so cute when he does it. He almost looks like a grown man. So sweet.

I overheard David and Rae talking in the bathtub the other night and she was gibbering away to him (even though she can talk as clearly as I can) and he finally stopped her and said, "Rae! I can't speak Spanish." I laughed so hard. Sometimes I want to say that to my family when they are pulling on me constantly and asking for stuff. "People! I can't speak whatever language you're speaking and therefore will begin ignoring you now."

Sorry it was so long. Thanks for the two people who got through all of this.